Tiny wires could provide a big energy boost | MIT News

Yarns of niobium nanowire can make supercapacitors to provide a surge of energy when it’s needed

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
July 7, 2015 ~6 min

Tags:  materials-science  research  mechanical-engineering  school-of-engineering  nanoscience-and-nanotechnology  wearable-sensors

Wear your social network | MIT News

Media Lab students aim to take common interests offline to encourage real-life connections.

Nicole Morell | MIT Alumni Association • mit
March 31, 2015 ~2 min

Tags:  social-media  students  media-lab  school-of-architecture-planning  wearable-sensors

Lincoln Laboratory hosts first "Make Your Own Wearables" workshop for high-school girls | MIT News

Hands-on projects in wearable technology introduce girls to mechanical design and electrical engineering.

Ariana Tantillo | Lincoln Laboratory • mit
Jan. 14, 2015 ~11 min

Tags:  women-in-stem  women  3-d-printing  k-12-education  school-of-engineering  alumniae  special-events-and-guest-speakers  stem-education  lincoln-laboratory  workshops  wearable-sensors

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