Parasitic worms in your shellfish lead a creepy but popular lifestyle

Mud blister worms make their homes in the shells of oysters and other shellfish, where they weaken their hosts.

Andrew David, Assistant Professor of Biology, Clarkson University • conversation
June 3, 2020 ~7 min

Tags: biology shellfish worms calcium-carbonate aquaculture food-webs ecosystems invasive-species parasites zoology scallops abalone larvae

Harvard groups research planet-cooling aerosols

Harvard’s Keutsch Research Group is working on a controversial idea that might someday be our best hope against climate change: stratospheric aerosol injection.

Anna Gibbs • harvard
Sept. 11, 2019 ~8 min

Tags:  science-technology  climate-change  aerosol-injection  anna-gibbs  calcium-carbonate  craig-mascarenhas  david-keith  frank-keutsch  geoengineering  keutsch-lab  stratosphere  sulfuric-acid

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