ARPA-type funding gives green technology an ‘innovation advantage’, study finds

Startups funded by US agency ARPA-E file patents at twice the rate of similar cleantech firms. Cambridge researcher argues that the UK should trial its own

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Sept. 14, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: energy clean-technology policy

Opinion: the learning of scientific advisers is the other curve to consider

Policymakers around the world are relying on the expertise of scientists to help make decisions around the COVID-19 pandemic. But how do scientists learn to advise policymakers? Noam Obermeister from Cambridge’s Department of Geography argues that this has been overlooked in the past, and suggests how studying their learning might help us prepare for future emergencies.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
June 5, 2020 ~4 min

Tags: covid-19 coronavirus policy government policymaker

The climate crisis: towards zero carbon

Sir David Attenborough, Dr Jane Goodall DBE and leading Cambridge University researchers talk about the urgency of climate crisis – and some of the solutions that will take us towards zero carbon.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Feb. 26, 2020 ~1 min

Tags: cities sustainability sustainable-earth climate-change energy environment conservation biodiversity carbon policy

Cambridge researchers advise county council on net zero policy actions

A team of early-career researchers from the University of Cambridge are working with the county council to identify the best ways for Cambridgeshire to reach net zero emissions.

Cambridge University News • cambridge
Feb. 19, 2020 ~9 min

Tags:  engineering  sustainable-earth  climate-change  east-of-england  policy

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