Climate change isn't just making cyclones worse, it's making the floods they cause worse too - new research

Rising populations and a warming climate mean storm surges from super cyclones are likely to affect increasing numbers of vulnerable people.

Natalie Lord, Honorary Research Associate in Climate Science, University of Bristol • conversation
May 12, 2022 ~7 min

Elon Musk could roll back social media moderation – just as we're learning how it can stop misinformation

Elon Musk will need to tackle false information on Twitter, say researchers.

Tracie Farrell, Research Associate - Web Science, The Open University • conversation
May 12, 2022 ~7 min

Climate change: carbon labels and clever menu design can cut the impact of dining – new study

A traffic light labelling system and making sustainable dishes the default menu option boosted their popularity.

Rachel Pechey, Research Fellow in Behavioural Science, University of Oxford • conversation
May 11, 2022 ~6 min

Climate breakdown: even if we miss the 1.5°C target we must still fight to prevent every single increment of warming

Every tenth of a degree makes climate change significantly worse.

Julia K. Steinberger, Professor of Ecological Economics at the University of Lausanne and, University of Leeds • conversation
May 11, 2022 ~8 min

Young Indian farmers are turning to an ancient crop to fight water stress and climate change

Millets have been around for thousands of years – and are back in fashion.

Sandeep Dixit, Researcher, TIGR2ESS Programme, University of Cambridge • conversation
May 11, 2022 ~6 min

Wealthy nations are carving up space and its riches – and leaving other countries behind

Current trends suggest that powerful nations are defining the rules of resource use in space and satellite access in ways that will make it hard for developing nations to ever catch up.

Theodora Ogden, Research Fellow in Emerging Space Countries, Arizona State University • conversation
May 11, 2022 ~9 min

Beyond honey: 4 essential reads about bees

Bees offer insights into many scientific questions, from cooperating in close quarters to strategies for finding food.

Jennifer Weeks, Senior Environment + Energy Editor, The Conversation • conversation
May 11, 2022 ~7 min

Electric car supplies are running out – and could drastically slow down the journey to net-zero

Governments may be forced to put back deadlines to shift away from petrol and diesel.

Tom Stacey, Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Anglia Ruskin University • conversation
May 11, 2022 ~6 min

As mass extinctions loom, these philosophers could help us rediscover our place among other animals

Children are taught to value the lives of other species less, according to a new study.

Clare Mac Cumhaill, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Durham University • conversation
May 10, 2022 ~8 min

Countries with lower-than-expected vaccination rates show unusually negative attitudes to vaccines on Twitter

A team analyzed more than 21 million tweets about COVID-19 vaccines and found that negative sentiments on social media were tied to lower-than-expected vaccination rates in many nations.

Ali Zain, Ph.D. Student of Mass Communication, University of South Carolina • conversation
May 10, 2022 ~7 min