Acidic oceans could affect future adhesives

The availability of iron in increasingly acidic oceans could change how creatures like mussels make their adhesives, research finds.

Chris Adam-Purdue • futurity
Aug. 4, 2020 ~4 min

Tags: oceans biomimicry science-and-technology earth-and-environment iron adhesives mussels

2 ways to deal with invasive species without toxic stuff

New strategies for controlling invasive species, including quagga and zebra mussels, aren't toxic and take local ecosystems into consideration.

Sonia Fernandez-UCSB • futurity
Dec. 31, 2019 ~9 min

Tags: sustainability water invasive-species earth-and-environment mussels

Mussels show some animals can adapt to climate change

Some mussels have genes that allow them to adapt to more acidic water, which could help them survive in the face of climate change.

Matt Wood-U. Chicago • futurity
Dec. 27, 2019 ~6 min

Tags: climate-change oceans science-and-technology earth-and-environment shells ph mussels

To farm mussels offshore, consider ocean cycles

Ocean cycles can have a big impact on offshore mussel farms, research finds. The work could clarify how climate change will affect aquaculture.

Harrison Tasoff-UC Santa Barbara • futurity
July 17, 2019 ~6 min

Tags: sustainability climate-change food fisheries oceans earth-and-environment mussels

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