5 lessons for COVID-19 from the fight against HIV

The HIV pandemic and the COVID-19 pandemic are similar in key ways. Both exposed inequalities, became politicized, and require nuanced messaging.

Sara Savat-WUSTL • futurity
June 29, 2020 ~9 min

Tags: public-health covid-19 history hiv money health-and-medicine lgbtq race-and-ethnicity pandemics

Better data would ease gaps in rural public health

Gathering better data, and making them accessible to health leaders, could help close the gaps between urban and rural public health.

U. Washington • futurity
Aug. 26, 2019 ~5 min

Tags: public-health data-science rural-communities health-and-medicine

Tropical disease to ride mosquitoes really far north

Places where tropical diseases are now unknown—Canada and parts of Northern Europe, for instance—are due to become prime real estate for mosquitoes.

Steve Orlando-Florida • futurity
March 29, 2019 ~5 min

Tags: public-health climate-change insects zika viruses earth-and-environment health-and-medicine mosquitoes yellow-fever

How will retreating from the sea affect our health?

Advancing oceans are already displacing some small indigenous communities. New research starts to consider the effects on public health.

Jackson Holtz-Washington • futurity
March 26, 2019 ~4 min

Tags: public-health climate-change earth-and-environment health-and-medicine sea-levels land

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