New program from MIT offers refugees a career boost | MIT News

ReACT will award credentials in computer and data science through online and in-person instruction.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
Jan. 23, 2018 ~5 min

J-PAL North America calls for proposals from governments and health care organizations | MIT News

MIT research center aims to support state and local governments and health care organizations in testing innovative approaches to address pressing policy challenges.

J-PAL North America • mit
Dec. 6, 2017 ~4 min

Mens et Manus America examines the rural American economy | MIT News

Four leaders offer insights on revitalizing rural areas.

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences • mit
Nov. 21, 2017 ~8 min

Author Édouard Louis examines contexts for violence | MIT News

The acclaimed writer, whose work has become a cause célèbre in France and beyond, speaks as part of the MIT Global France Seminar series.

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences • mit
Nov. 2, 2017 ~6 min

Helping NGOs make impacts across China | MIT News

Cultural studies scholar Jing Wang, director of the New Media Action Lab, advances philanthropic solutions to the digital divide.

School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences • mit
Oct. 18, 2017 ~6 min

Designing for a more equitable world | MIT News

D-Lab founder Amy Smith teaches MIT students to tap into the heart of international development.

Meg Murphy | School of Engineering • mit
Oct. 6, 2017 ~6 min

Media Lab team tops Fragile Families Challenge | MIT News

Human Dynamics research group earns high marks in new scientific collaboration to improve the lives of disadvantaged American children.

MIT Media Lab • mit
Oct. 4, 2017 ~5 min

Researchers identify opportunities to improve quality, reduce cost of global food assistance delivery | MIT News

Research from MIT's CITE program leverages a procurement process to identify opportunities for improving food aid supply chains.

Lauren McKown | MIT D-Lab • mit
Sept. 13, 2017 ~6 min

Danielle Wood joins Media Lab faculty | MIT News

MIT alumna is establishing a new research group aimed at harnessing space engineering to improve life on Earth.

MIT Media Lab • mit
Aug. 28, 2017 ~6 min

Deadly heat waves could hit South Asia this century | MIT News

Without action, climate change could devastate a region home to one-fifth of humanity, study finds.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office • mit
Aug. 2, 2017 ~8 min