New model could shed light on brittle bone disease

A new model model will improve research into brittle bone disease and help develop treatments without having to resort to animal experiments.

ETH Zurich • futurity
June 20, 2024 ~9 min

TikTok vasectomy videos spread bad info

An analysis of videos on TikTok about vasectomy found low medical accuracy, with an average score of 0.19 out of 5.

Stephanie Lopez-Duke • futurity
June 20, 2024 ~4 min

Supplement improves walking for people with chronic leg condition

An over-the-counter form of vitamin B3 increases the walking endurance of people with peripheral artery disease, a chronic leg condition.

Eric Hamilton-Florida • futurity
June 20, 2024 ~5 min

Family stress can lead to guilt about work for military members

When service members struggle to cope with the personal and family demands of military life, they feel more guilt about their work.

Erica Techo-U. Georgia • futurity
June 20, 2024 ~6 min

Putting human past on the MAPS

Harvard digital atlas plots patterns from history ancient and modern

Harvard Gazette • harvard
June 20, 2024 ~8 min

Barley starch plastic is 100% biodegradable

A biofriendly material made from barley starch blended with fiber from sugarbeet waste can completely decompose in nature.

Michael Skov Jensen-Copenhagen • futurity
June 20, 2024 ~8 min

Arborglyphs – Basque immigrant sheepherders left their marks on aspen trees in the American West

Herders carved names, slogans, nude silhouettes and more into the trees around them during lonely seasons in the mountains. Now, researchers rush to find and record the arborglyphs before they disappear.

Iñaki Arrieta Baro, Librarian and Head of the Jon Bilbao Basque Library, University of Nevada, Reno • conversation
June 20, 2024 ~12 min

Making art is a uniquely human act, and one that provides a wellspring of health benefits

From drawing to gardening and woodworking, self-expression can lower stress, improve mood and increase self-confidence.

Girija Kaimal, Professor of Art Therapy Research, Drexel University • conversation
June 20, 2024 ~11 min

Boost your immune system with this centuries-old health hack: Vaccines

Even if you’re healthy and fit, you still need vaccines to protect yourself from severe disease.

David Higgins, Research fellow, Instructor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus • conversation
June 20, 2024 ~6 min

How to stay safe during lightning storms – summer is the highest-risk season

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week is June 23-29, 2024. With the U.S. averaging 37 million lightning strikes and 21 deaths a year, it’s a good idea to pay attention.

Chris Vagasky, Meteorologist, University of Wisconsin-Madison • conversation
June 20, 2024 ~6 min