Sugary drinks tax may have prevented over 5,000 cases of obesity a year in year six girls alone

The introduction of the soft drinks industry levy – the ‘sugary drinks tax’ – in England was followed by a drop in the number of cases of obesity among older

Cambridge University News • cambridge
yesterday ~6 min

Blood test tracks osteoarthritis progression more accurately

A new blood test that identifies progression of osteoarthritis in the knee is more accurate than current methods.

Sarah Avery-Duke • futurity
yesterday ~4 min

Your memory may be better than we think

A new study suggests that people are also surprisingly good at knowing where and when they saw those certain objects.

Harvard Gazette • harvard
yesterday ~4 min

Australian black swans at high risk of avian flu

The immune system of black swans leaves them particularly vulnerable to avian flu. When exposed, the virus could kill them within three days.

U. Queensland • futurity
yesterday ~3 min

Droughts put water bills out of reach for some families

Efforts to save water because of a drought can disproportionately affect low-income families, researchers report.

Taylor Kubota-Stanford • futurity
yesterday ~7 min

There were fewer MIS-C cases during Omicron than Delta

Fewer children had MIS-C during the Omicron wave of the pandemic than the Delta wave and cases were also milder, a new study shows.

Ellen Goldbaum-Buffalo • futurity
yesterday ~9 min

Four possible consequences of El Niño returning in 2023

From bushfires in Australia to insect-borne disease outbreaks in Colombia.

Paloma Trascasa-Castro, PhD Candidate in Climate Science, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, University of Leeds • conversation
yesterday ~7 min

Targeting cancer with a multidrug nanoparticle

Using bottlebrush-shaped particles, researchers can identify and deliver synergistic combinations of cancer drugs.

Anne Trafton | MIT News Office • mit
yesterday ~9 min

COVID has increased trust in genetics, study finds

A survey of over 2,000 British adults finds that trust in genetics is high and went up significantly during the pandemic. It also finds that there is a hunger

Cambridge University News • cambridge
yesterday ~4 min

Small-scale octopus fisheries can provide sustainable source of vital nutrients for tropical coastal communities

Undernourished coastal communities in the tropics - where children’s growth can be stunted by a lack of micronutrients – can get the vitamins and minerals they

Cambridge University News • cambridge
yesterday ~3 min