Race and position may be factors in football player heart risks

Research indicates some college football players may be at risk for heart-related complications, based on race, the position they play, and more.

Janet Christenbury-Emory • futurity
yesterday ~6 min

Biden, EU urge 30% methane emissions cuts – a move crucial for protecting climate and health, and it can pay for itself

A large amount of methane emissions come from natural gas infrastructure and landfills – all problems companies know how to fix.

Drew Shindell, Professor of Climate Sciences, Duke University • conversation
yesterday ~9 min

Ten ways to cut shipping’s contribution to climate change – from a researcher

The shipping sector’s emissions are equivalent to some industrial countries: here’s some innovative ways to help reduce them.

Simon Bullock, PhD Candidate in Shipping and Climate Change, University of Manchester • conversation
yesterday ~7 min

Road pricing could help drive down UK emissions – here’s how to make it work

National road pricing systems are being proposed, but what are the options?

James Dixon, Research fellow in transport & energy systems, University of Strathclyde • conversation
yesterday ~7 min

The Arctic Council has weathered 25 years of bumpy Russia-western relations – but can it adapt to climate change?

Promoting dialogue among Arctic states and peoples has been a great success, but the council must now adapt to tackle new and emerging challenges in this fragile region.

Danita Catherine Burke, Fellow of the JR Smallwood Foundation, University of Southern Denmark • conversation
yesterday ~7 min

Climate change: UN warning over nations' climate plans

Climate plans of more than 100 countries show we're heading in the wrong direction, the UN says.

yesterday ~4 min

Antarctic: Exhibition recalls Ernest Shackleton's final quest

It's 100 years since the great Antarctic explorer set out on his last voyage to the White Continent.

yesterday ~5 min

Water fleas show surprising hydra effect in action

Scientists propose that ecological systems exhibit something akin to a hydra effect. In other words, what does kill you makes you more abundant.

Talia Ogliore-WUSTL • futurity
yesterday ~6 min

Implant eases hip pain for dogs with osteoarthritis

An implant that contains cartilage derived from stem cells eases pain and restores function in dogs with moderate osteoarthritis. Can it work for people?

Laura Oleniacz - NC State • futurity
yesterday ~7 min

Research collaboration puts climate-resilient crops in sight

MIT professors Dave Des Marais and Caroline Uhler combine plant biology and machine learning to identify genetic roots of plant responses to environmental stress.

Alison Gold | Abdul Latif Jameel Water and Food Systems Lab • mit
yesterday ~8 min