Springing people from the poverty trap

Field experiment in Bangladesh shows the poor simply lack opportunities to gain wealth — but a one-time boost can make a major difference.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office • mit
May 10, 2022 ~6 min

Study: Immigrants in the U.S. are more likely to start firms, create jobs

Compared to native-born citizens, immigrants are more frequently involved in founding companies at all scales.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office • mit
May 9, 2022 ~6 min

How treaties protecting fossil fuel investors could jeopardize global efforts to save the climate – and cost countries billions

A new study adds up the potential legal and financial risk countries could face from hundreds of agreements, like those under the Energy Charter Treaty.

Kyla Tienhaara, Canada Research Chair in Economy and Environment, Queen's University, Ontario • conversation
May 5, 2022 ~9 min

What choices does the world need to make to keep global warming below 2 C?

New study reveals multiple pathways for a successful energy transition by 2050.

Mark Dwortzan | MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change • mit
April 22, 2022 ~5 min

What lies beneath

In a new book, an MIT scholar examines how game-theory logic underpins many of our seemingly odd and irrational decisions.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office • mit
April 21, 2022 ~8 min

Empowering people to adapt on the frontlines of climate change

A new platform will unite climate models, impact predictions, random control trial evaluations, and humanitarian services to bring cutting-edge tools to Bangladeshi communities.

Kylie Foy | MIT Lincoln Laboratory • mit
April 19, 2022 ~10 min

Health insurance coverage for kids through Medicaid and CHIP helps their moms too

When states reduce barriers for low-income children to get coverage, their mothers are more likely to be married and less likely to smoke.

Sebastian Tello-Trillo, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Economics, University of Virginia • conversation
April 18, 2022 ~4 min

Cash aid for refugees may cause inflation

A team of economists has concerns about cash aid for refugees and the inflation that could result. Here's their proposed solution.

George Vlahakis-Indiana • futurity
March 23, 2022 ~8 min

An emphasis on brilliance creates a toxic, dog-eat-dog workplace atmosphere that discourages women

A focus on raw intellectual talent may unintentionally create a cutthroat workplace culture. New research suggests women’s preference to avoid that environment may contribute to gender gaps in some fields.

Andrea Vial, Assistant Professor of Psychology, New York University Abu Dhabi • conversation
March 23, 2022 ~6 min

Small oil producers like Ghana, Guyana and Suriname could gain as buyers shun Russian crude

Buyers are avoiding Russian oil in response to the war in Ukraine. Can smaller producers leverage this moment to strike favorable deals with big oil companies?

Jennapher Lunde Seefeldt, Assistant Professor of Government and International Affairs, Augustana University • conversation
March 15, 2022 ~10 min