Uncurbed COVID would cost more lives than economic shutdown

New research provides a lives-for-lives comparison of economic shutdown versus business as usual during the pandemic.

Laura Bailey-Michigan • futurity
July 8, 2020 ~10 min

Tags: covid-19 death economics money united-states featured society-and-culture health-and-medicine

Expert: Economic recovery depends on fighting COVID-19

An economist has a simple message about economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic: "The better we do on public health, the better the economy will do."

Peter Iglinski-Rochester • futurity
June 26, 2020 ~4 min

Tags: covid-19 economics jobs featured society-and-culture health-and-medicine

Foreclosure is most harmful to ‘marginal homeowners’

Home foreclosures have painful ramifications that go beyond immediate financial damage, research finds, particularly for a mortage holders on the margin.

Stanford • futurity
June 26, 2020 ~8 min

Tags: economics money housing society-and-culture

Survey gauges Australian optimism amid pandemic

A recent survey finds Australians feeling optimistic about their own finances, but less so about the country's overall.

Sam Burt-Melbourne • futurity
June 25, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: covid-19 economics optimism australia society-and-culture health-and-medicine

Why is the stock market doing well during COVID-19?

Why did the stock market rise when COVID-19 cases were spreading in the US? The gains may not be as illogical as they seemed, new research finds.

Yale • futurity
June 16, 2020 ~8 min

Tags: business covid-19 economics money prediction society-and-culture

Book: Racial inequality is baked into the legal system

Race and class inequalities are embedded in the American legal system, a new book argues. The author says major changes are vital to fixing things.

Sandra Feder-Stanford • futurity
June 12, 2020 ~10 min

Tags: economics bias united-states racism featured society-and-culture laws race-and-ethnicity

42% of jobs lost during COVID-19 may not come back

New data show just how bad the job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic shutdown may be for workers.

U. Chicago • futurity
May 22, 2020 ~4 min

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Cities are slow to ease rent and evictions

Rent assistance and moratoriums on evictions are lagging behind the pandemic's impact on people's ability to pay, researchers report.

Jessica Colarossi-Boston University • futurity
May 18, 2020 ~10 min

Tags: cities covid-19 economics money housing featured society-and-culture laws pandemics

Rush back to work risks hundreds of thousands of lives

"If policymakers prioritize short-term economic productivity more, their quarantine policies may lead to many times more deaths and hospitalizations..."

Brandie Jefferson-WUSTL • futurity
May 15, 2020 ~8 min

Tags: covid-19 death economics jobs seniors viruses featured society-and-culture health-and-medicine laws pandemics

Iran’s financial crisis weakens its coronavirus response

As of May 5, Iran had recorded over 6,000 deaths and nearly 100,000 cases of the novel coronavirus. "It's a very grave situation," says Hadi Kahalzadeh.

Lawrence Goodman-Brandeis • futurity
May 13, 2020 ~5 min

Tags: covid-19 politics economics iran featured society-and-culture health-and-medicine

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