HIV genome bends over backwards to help virus take over cells

Differently shaped RNA molecules allow HIV to express different genes from the same RNA sequence.

Eva Frederick | Whitehead Institute • mit
May 11, 2020 ~9 min

Tags: whitehead-institute biology viruses rna hivaids genetics algorithms medicine research disease computer-science-and-technology

Optogenetics with SOUL

The Feng lab has developed a next-generation optogenetic system for non-invasive stimulation of neurons.

Sabbi Lall | McGovern Institute for Brain Research • mit
May 7, 2020 ~5 min

Tags: mcgovern-institute brain-and-cognitive-sciences school-of-science optogenetics research neuroscience

Historic migration patterns are written in Americans' DNA

Genetic, geographic, and demographic data from more than 30,000 Americans reveal more genetic diversity within ancestry groups than previously thought.

Tom Ulrich | Broad Institute • mit
March 5, 2020 ~4 min

Tags: research broad-institute genetics school-of-engineering school-of-architecture-and-planning urban-studies-and-planning electrical-engineering-computer-science-eecs dna

Putting a finger on the switch of chronic parasite infection

Researchers find master regulator needed for Toxoplasma gondii parasite to chronically infect host; promising step toward infection treatment, prevention.

Greta Friar | Whitehead Institute • mit
Jan. 21, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: whitehead-institute biology chemistry disease genetics crispr medicine research parasites school-of-science

Study probing visual memory and amblyopia unveils many-layered mystery

Scientists pinpoint the role of a receptor in vision degradation in amblyopia.

David Orenstein | Picower Institute • mit
Dec. 17, 2019 ~6 min

Tags: picower-institute brain-and-cognitive-sciences school-of-science neuroscience vision genetics memory research

A new way to regulate gene expression

Biologists uncover an evolutionary trick to control gene expression that reverses the flow of genetic information from RNA splicing back to transcription.

Raleigh McElvery | Department of Biology • mit
Dec. 9, 2019 ~6 min

Tags: biology school-of-science data disease dna evolution genetics health research national-institutes-of-health-nih

How biomarkers can record and reconstruct climate trends

Scientists reveal the genes and proteins controlling the chemical structure of a paleoclimate biomarker.

Fatima Husain | EAPS • mit
Dec. 4, 2019 ~5 min

Tags: eaps school-of-science research climate ocean-science dna biology geology climate-change microbes evolution genetics bacteria earth-and-atmospheric-sciences national-science-foundation-nsf department-of-energy-doe

Investigating the rise of oxygenic photosynthesis

EAPS scientists find an alternative explanation for mineral evidence thought to signal the presence of oxygen prior to the Great Oxidation Event.

Kate Petersen | EAPS • mit
Dec. 4, 2019 ~5 min

Tags: eaps school-of-science microbes environment climate bacteria evolution biology geology research genetics

Continuing a legacy of Antarctic exploration

The Summons Lab compares lipids from Antarctic microbial communities to century-old samples.

Fatima Husain | EAPS • mit
Nov. 22, 2019 ~7 min

Tags: eaps school-of-science biology climate climate-change evolution research animals earth-and-atmospheric-sciences geology ecology environment microbes bacteria genetics

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